some turkeys, some bunnies & a labyrinth.


Grace has every Tues off and so her and Bob make time to rest and recharge together for a part of the day. (#respect!) So today I tagged along and we went to a Jesuit Center of Solitude.. it was really neat. Practicing mindfulness is super hard for me at times, but being there helped ease my spirit. The bunnies also helped ease my spirit lol. Bob brought some carrots to feed them :D There were also turkeys around... they intrigued me but have you ever seen one up close?! Kinda scary and ugly haha... and they make crazy noises... I really pondered for a second if it actually sounds like a "gobble".... did you know that animal noises are different in different languages?! I learned that last time I was here lol. So what does the turkey say? .... Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding... jk lol. That's what the fox says. Aaaaaand I digress. Forreal though, it was really peaceful.


I think my favorite place was the labyrinth... there was a whole written thing about how it was practiced in ancient times with meditation and mindfulness and it helped guide your time spent walking through to get to the center. I spent about an hour there... stilling my spirit and talking and listening to God. In this season, if I am honest, I actually feel pretty broken inside. Sometimes I just wake up with this empty feeling and a heart full of anxiety. Being overseas, I expected that I would be at full capacity, serving away and full of energy... I broke down a couple of times because I felt guilty and also felt the tension of what i "should" be feeling/doing versus how I am actually feeling inside. Grace has been a source of love and light and encouraged me that for them as well... being overseas brought out a lot of brokenness and blindspots, but over time God used those places of hurt as a catalyst of growth and depth... and if we don't run from the pain/anxiety... or numb it or distract ourselves from it... but sit in it long enough to work through it with Him... healing will come. I def want to believe that, as hard as it is to feel at times. Anyway, thanks for reading and for journeying. ♡


I'm thankful they invited me to come here... it's definitely a place of peace. Forreal though, even the ants weren't moving. #meditatingants #meditANTing

first day


Started first day @ Cornerstone! Everyone was super warm & welcoming. Since I work from home and am by myself a lot... I was a little nervous how it would be in-office... but it's awesome!! Dang. People here all have a heart for people and seeing them find healing—they are great listeners, gentle spirits, warm hearts + all working toward one goal. Working for myself has its perks, but being in a community of like-minded people is pretty dang sweet. 

Also speaking of community... they have a team running in this "Run for Relief" 5k, to raise funds for Internally Displaced People (IDPs) in Burma who have to flee with only a pair of sandals on their feet. People can run in their sandals for the race and receive a special pair too, I think? They invited me to run and my first thought was 'nahhhh, i'll be your cheerleader!' But as I think about it more... I think it would be kinda cool?! If I don't die from 1. the heat & 2. running. My heart is like what. is. exercise. Seriously. But no bigger picture and not thinking about myself, i think it's really awesome. ♡


Anywho, I went crazy with decorating my desk and brought in the two guys up above in the top pic. Meet Nit Noy (pronounced neat-noi... which means small/tiny in thai... although idno if that is actually the right context... but I just like how it sounds lol) ...& Earl. (:

aaaand meet my lovely office mates (: Yui & Alicia. ♡

biking adventures.


Borrowed David's (Bob's son's) bike today... I was legit scared lol. I think the intersection above was the scariest. The light was red for a bit so I kinda had time to figure out where I was going (and take a pano clearly... lol they also have abnormally long cars in thailand.... like the one in the middle of the intersection......haha) Anyway ya, I just kept thinking "left side, left side" Bob mentioned Royal Flora (the Royal family's gardens) being nearby & so decided to put on my big girl pants and adventure it up a little bit. It was a really beautiful place & I'm glad I went! Here are some more panos. I like panos. 


As I was biking, I also noticed a bunch of pictures of the royal family everywhere. Seeing the King all over and living in a Kingdom feels pretty legit. I like it. Kinda helps me to tangibly put images and feelings to when God talks about being a part of the kingdom of light vs. the kingdom of darkness.

On the way home, I stopped to grab some food. Tried some khao soi :P it was delish. Also... that thai tea had ice cream and BREAD in it... whao.


Lastly, the guy to the right cracks me up... he's inviting you to go go-kart racing lol.

I walked through this bonsai-looking tree garden area and was thoroughly impressed... seriously, how do they do that?! Mini trees with mini roots and mini leaves and mini bugs. Jk. Regular bugs. But forreal—my mind was kinda blown. 


v-day & english class.


It's been really neat seeing Patrick and Tip's ministry they're involved in. I totally failed because of my jetlag yesterday night though—I was so tired, had a hard time being social. #facepalm. The girls were super cute though and seemed to really enjoy Japanese phrases and origami haha. The theme for the night was valentine's day—it was really sweet (: Sarena and Graeme shared their love story—they are missionaries from Canada! & Patrick's creative mind came up with hotdog hearts haha... & those are the biggest carrots I've ever seen.

The night before was english class—I didn't realize how hard english was, good grief... they were such good sports! The lesson was on "customer service"... some just started working, one guy is starting a business soon & one guy just got a job at a museum (: Emi (girl in the bottom right) is the one teaching them Japanese on tuesdays, I want to go to that one. :P


black chickens & beetle earrings.

Walked around a local market (in a muslim mosque) with unique veggies and stuff from people near the Thai/Burma border. Top left is a a sweet black rice patty with sugarcane goodness inside :P right are black chickens.... and bottom left are beetle shell earrings... yay.

patrick & tip. (:


Reunion! Lunch was delish & the company made it even better!! These were some of the translators that were on our 2013 team—it was so good to see their faces (: Their ministry is with local young adult/collegiate in the community—I'm gunna head out with them later. I think tonight they have a Japanese class LOL. (wha?) actually that might be on tuesdays... tonight might be english. Anywayyy, hopefully I won't be too loopy—def tryina fight my jetlag... the past few days were a tad blurry haha. B&G mentioned it would take about a week to adjust... so I'm gunna start work at Cornerstone on Mon. Prob be there 3-4x a week? The staff are all really sweet. Alsooooo gunna take some thai classes a couple hours a week (: !



On our way home earlier, we stopped at a coffee shop... i liked that dude's shirt... haha. #meow. 1. Bob said that yellow coffee maker is like a $10,000 coffee maker whaaA 2. first thai tea since being here yeeEee! 3. that is the craziest looking alexa/echo/siri-in-physical-form ever.... whoa....

driving, blood work & peeing.


It’s way different coming over here longer-ish vs. short term... for one, you have no time to be jetlagged really, you hit the ground running and go hardcore for two weeks straight. This time, I’ve had time to be still, feel internally confused about the time, and also ponder upon getting a Thai license (yikes). Both Bob & Grace asked me a couple times if I wanted to drive. Internally I freaked out a little when they asked but I’m trying to be open. Bob said it'll be easy since I lived in LA..... lol..... not sure about that?? They both mentioned that it flowed like a river and since we aren’t near downtown, it’s pretty simple.... hmmmm. Left side of the road, right side of the car, flipped turn signals... and all traffic lights and laws are suggestions instead of hard rules.... dude, I already feel dyslexic without all that! Haha. I’ll think about it some more...

Another thing that’s different... I didn’t have to pee in a super-tiny-film-canister-esque cup (literally peed all over my hand lol sorry TMI) nor did I need to get blood drawn last time I was here. Internally freaked out (again) when I heard I needed to do this & Bob offered to hold my hand lol. Thankfully I didn’t cry... it wasn’t bad haha. #thankyouJesus Anywho, I’m currently sitting in the hospital waiting to see a doc so they can give me the certificate for my Thai work permit. 

Oooohhh, in other good (!) news... after two days... my bag arrived!!! Woohooooo. I made peace with it if it never came... but I’m thankful it did (: Also super thankful for Bob driving me around everywhere! Both him and Grace have been so gracious and accommodating. I feel like I’m supposed to be ministering to them but it feels a little flipped?!! Not sure about that. 🤔


Also, here is my room. (: + Mochi. ♡ They have a beautiful home & I feel really honored to be here.

I had lots of other updates to write about but think it’s time to see the doc. I shall be backkk. 

goodbye america. hello korea for 1 second. & WHAT'S UP THAILAND!!


I MADE ITTTT. Haha, it was just a tad cray... while sitting on the plane, I realized that I had no way of contacting Bob or Grace when I actually got here... my phone didn't work cause I was getting my SIM card in Thailand and my computer died so I couldn't email out anything. My flight from SFO was 2 hours delayed & so I had to literally book it to make my layover (although for a split second, I thought it would've been okay if I didn't make it so that I could take a nice shower at the sweet Korean airport that I've been hearing about lol) Then I got stuck at immigration for a good minute cause I didn't have Bob & Grace's home address and they wouldn't let me go. Once I figured out that they just needed AN address on that card, I looked up the counseling center and put that one. So finallyyyyyy, I got out to baggage claim. Only to find out that even though I made it to Thailand, my bag did not hahaha. But by this point, I was just happy to be out & they even gave me 1500 baht as compensation to buy "essential" needs.

Seeing Grace outside was like seeing water after wandering in the desert for 10 days!!! Haha jk. Half kidding. I guess I didn't expect the adventures to start so soon lol but I definitely felt my spirit being stretched a bit, in a good way, hearing "you're not alone, I got you, you can trust Me" all throughout today & learning to lean into His voice, even in the midst of some doubt or discomfort along the way.

Do American 7Eleven's have underwear? Cause Thai 7Elevens do! A win for Thailand. & for me. lol. okay I think I need to try to sleep. 

♡ T

PS. I posted that blurry/hazy picture above bc that's exactly what my eyes felt like. I forgot to pack my contact lens solution so for 16+ hours, my eyes were dying. or drying. or both lol. #facepalm