grand... adventures.

We decided to go to adventuring to check out the super-touristy "Grand Canyon Water Park" of Chiang Mai... Rick just wanted to cliff dive. The vibe there was interesting... kinda dead... with some american-looking people here and there... lol. It was about $3 to get in.


On the other side, there was a wipeout-esque inflatable water playground (whaaa?)  That was separate and would have been a separate ticket, so we opted to just look at the view haha.


But Rick did jump like 100 feet off a cliff! AAaaaaand we ended up in the ER lol. Sad times. His ears hurt so badly so we went to check it out. Thankfully, they were okay! No ruptured eardrums... just inflamed and had some pressure damage. Whew—talk about adventures.

On a random note, people in hospitals are very kind, gentle and patient... kinda a nice change from some in America. Also for painkillers, they gave us hella drugs lol. Don't think he took any... just some Advil. But wow. You don't need a prescription for any drugs out here... they are super cheap, and you can get as much as you want. Yikes. #thisisthailand

1, 2, 3D goodness.

Dear Art in Paradise,
Thank you for entertaining us for an afternoon :P #respect #artonartonart

& some of my favorite videos. is the last one a painting? :P

a glimpse of God's heart?


Poor girl.... accidentally got a hold of some brownies & so here we are at the vet.... it really hurt our hearts to see her so panicked, so afraid and so miserable — but we knew this was for her good... so we sat with her, held her and tried to calm her... we endured it with her. I think this might be how God is with us...? Although we might get ourselves into trouble... and we want Him to take away the pain... I can see how some things have consequences but He wants to be with us in it... He wants to calm our fears, show us Himself and help us to trust Him more. Taking away the pain might not be the answer, even though that's really what we want... but perhaps, after we go through the experience with Him—we come out of it a little bit wiser, a little bit deeper, and a little more full of compassion for those who struggle in the same way.  <3

"long time" is an understatement.

I'm still alive. Haha. I am so sorry for such late posts, there are no excuses other than I have been pretty emotionally tired & also got sick for a bit. But! I am back. (: With some more entries & my collection of frogs. @ the last one.... sad times.

& did you know? Animal sounds are different from the US... in Thailand, it is not "ribbit" lol. They say "op op" hahaha. Cray. But what's even more cray? When we visited Paeng, we came across this lil frog lol:


have a hug. & some clay.

Yummie took us to 'Have a Hug Cafe' & we got to get clay-creative & make whatever we wanted :p I made a few succulent plant holders & a couple of bowls & Rick make a drip coffee thingy! So relaxing (: