it's official.

 @ Doi Inthanon... the highest spot in thailand. this might also be representative of my heart in this season as well (:

@ Doi Inthanon... the highest spot in thailand. this might also be representative of my heart in this season as well (:

I'm extending my time out here — AHHHH!!!!

After thinking & sensing & talking with people & hearing God in different ways.. feel like this is the way for now. (: I am extending my time until August 11. Rick is coming to serve here June & July, so we will be serving in the same city! Doing different things, but serving together—I'm excited for that (: From July 30-Aug 6, we will be going on a medical mission trip to Umphang (the border of Thailand and Burma) under Bob! We will be putting on health fairs for the villagers and teaching them about different self-care and health-related issues for their overall well-being. ♡ After that, Rick & I will head to Japan to visit some missionaries and check out what they're doing and then come back to the states on the 11th.  

... CRAY huh?! ...forreal. But God has been really faithful to provide peace in which direction to walk next. I realize that until I walk through the first door, and only until then, He then opens the next one, and so forth. He doesn't open the last door without me first walking through the one he has right now. Not sure if this makes sense, but it's definitely something I'm learning. With each step, it requires a little more faith—thus equipping me for the next season. Kinda like a video game! Lol. It doesn't necessarily get easier as you progress forward (in actuality, the bosses get harder), but through each stage, you level up to have the necessary tools and skills and perseverance to prepare you for what's ahead. Alright, that was probably really nerdy.... but yes. (: 

I think financially I will be okay because of the funds that came in earlier, and I am trusting God with it, but if you feel Him leading you, I would totally be appreciative. (button is at the bottom, right-hand side) As always though, prayers are much more needed and appreciated in the spiritual realm. Thank you for always reaching out and asking for specific requests and for being on the home front cheering (: I can definitely feel your thoughts, prayers and spirit of love—I would not be here, at this stage, without you. ♡

the hearts behind the newsletters.

Just finished doing some newsletters for the Daos, Boonrangs and Cornerstone. I am encouraged by each person <3 Can you take a moment to just pray for them? For them to be filled with the Spirit and for God to continue to give them energy and to feel loved—so they will be an outpouring of His love on others. (: thanks!


Zera Ministry
(Patrick & Tip Boonrang)

These guys are Thai missionaries who have a heart for their own people. They are a part of many different ministries, including: a handicap ministry, church ministry, medical missions and neighborhub, a place where teenagers can safely come, be themselves and feel God's love.


Minh & Jen Dao

Jen works and loves women well at Home of the Swallow & Minh helps people with their business, by offering consultations for the sustainability and future success of their companies. & they have 5 kids! Wow. #somuchrespect


Cornerstone Counseling Foundation

Each counselor has a heart for serving missionaries, who come from all around the world. Their love and warmth are inspirational and their work feels so purposeful and rich. Really really grateful for this current community.

crazy storm.

Oh man.. it hailed today! Didn't even know that was possible in 100 degree weather... it was super exciting at first and I was taking it all in.. but then I realized how much damage there was and quickly felt for the people who were affected :/ Please pray that people’s livelihoods weren’t too affected... and it won’t cost tons of $ :( .. and that people are okay. Staying at a friend's house tonight because there is no electricity, which means no water or power. It was kinda cool though—felt like a movie. #adventuresareouthere

happy songkran!


City-wide water fight for the WIN! Pretty cray around here, but it's really neat to see everyone having a good time. I know the death toll gets higher around here from drunk drivers :/ but I'm glad I got to see what this was all about for the first time. Thanks for your truck, Bob - and thanks for driving, Grace! (...even though you were behind everyone drenching usssss...!)


My main squeeze visited me for a week and it was so much fun (: Super grateful for him flying all the way here... (but I mean... I’m awesome, so.... lol jk) We learned how to cook thai food, enjoyed nature at the house boats, went to Bangkok to check out ICS (an international school—which was so nice!) missed our flight back, went to a baptism in a forest, ran out of gas on the side of the road, met some of his thailand people at ITDP (an org focusing on different sustainable projects for hill tribe communities) relaxed & rested.. & made fun of each other all along the way. :P We learned more about how we both operate under stress (fun times) and also how we can rest together and enjoy God together. I’m grateful for him and his love for people, for God and for me.. I love his empathic heart for those in pain & invisible.. and how he lives his life according to his convictions—at a practical level, full of perseverance and passion. I feel like he is a gift. I can’t wait to serve with you in the summer :P Love you ♡


mochi & me.

Never saw Marley & me but I heard it was a good movie? Anyway, my friendship has grown with this one. She is the smartest, most observant and curious dog I've ever met—protective, loyal & slowly has been letting me cuddle more and more with her—aka—she touches her foot to mine while we fall asleep. I love. 

a (bright) highlight.


One of the highlights of the Bangkok trip was definitely meeting this Pakistani family who have been in hiding for the past 5 years. They fled because of the terrible circumstances in Pakistan. ALC ministers to them through Thai teaching & helping them along their journey in this next phase. We got the opportunity to pray and celebrate a birthday too (: It was heart-warming and if I could ask you to pray for them as well.... please pray for God to protect them spiritually, to stay encouraged in the midst of hurt and uncertainty, and to raise enough funds for their needs. ♡