1, 2, 3D goodness.

Dear Art in Paradise,
Thank you for entertaining us for an afternoon :P #respect #artonartonart

& some of my favorite videos. is the last one a painting? :P

a glimpse of God's heart?


Poor girl.... accidentally got a hold of some brownies & so here we are at the vet.... it really hurt our hearts to see her so panicked, so afraid and so miserable — but we knew this was for her good... so we sat with her, held her and tried to calm her... we endured it with her. I think this might be how God is with us...? Although we might get ourselves into trouble... and we want Him to take away the pain... I can see how some things have consequences but He wants to be with us in it... He wants to calm our fears, show us Himself and help us to trust Him more. Taking away the pain might not be the answer, even though that's really what we want... but perhaps, after we go through the experience with Him—we come out of it a little bit wiser, a little bit deeper, and a little more full of compassion for those who struggle in the same way.  <3

"long time" is an understatement.

I'm still alive. Haha. I am so sorry for such late posts, there are no excuses other than I have been pretty emotionally tired & also got sick for a bit. But! I am back. (: With some more entries & my collection of frogs. @ the last one.... sad times.

& did you know? Animal sounds are different from the US... in Thailand, it is not "ribbit" lol. They say "op op" hahaha. Cray. But what's even more cray? When we visited Paeng, we came across this lil frog lol:


have a hug. & some clay.

Yummie took us to 'Have a Hug Cafe' & we got to get clay-creative & make whatever we wanted :p I made a few succulent plant holders & a couple of bowls & Rick make a drip coffee thingy! So relaxing (:  


building houses & friendships.

Rick & I visited Paeng, Plewfie & Grace to help them build their house! They are a Thai (Karen) family who decided to go on mission in the Phrao District and work with children under FCF (Family Connection Foundation). I met Paeng when she was the receptionist at Cornerstone (: We put down concrete, made brick walls & enjoyed good company. ♡

sahm seep et.

That is 31 in Thai. (:

Turned 31 on the 7th & it was def memorable (: The day before, Cornerstone sang me happy birthday and we all got to eat yummy homemade Thai food & cake together (: Here I am looking awkward:

Then the Cornerstone Thai staff & I went to go grab some Moogata! (Thai-style BBQ)  


On my actual birthday, Yummie (a long-time close Thai friend) surprised me at work with a beautiful cake & flowers. #THEBEST! ♡


& then at night, Bob & Grace took me to a restaurant that had an acapella concert for dinner. I had no idea... but after intermission, they surprised me with a birthday song ♡ A little embarrassing haha but felt super super special & loved.. I am so grateful for them. ♡


Back at home.... Rick was cooking up something special as well. He (with the help of P) gathered friends to write to me while I was in Thailand. Thank you so much to everyone who wrote in it.... touched my heart & I cried reading it. Thank you also to friends & fam who gave me birthday gifts & cards... you make my heart full!!! I miss you all so much. Definitely one of the most memorable birthdays. ♡