here we go... again. (:


Thailand 2013. I snapped this photo while I was sitting & waiting at the airport, anticipating all the adventure God was gunna bring on that first trip to Thailand—He def. didn't disappoint. My heart was moved & five13 was born shortly after. (: It's been a journey for sure. I still don't really have a full grasp of what five13 is/should be/does/etc—but all I know is that I felt God wanted me to use it to love & serve people—in the area of design & also in life. 

SO... 5 years later... sweaty hands & all... HERE WE ARE AHH! My favorite missionaries + graphic design + serving people overseas = my full heart. Can't believe I'm in this space again—different person, different circumstances—but same God & same heart. I'm super excited to be prepping to go out in February. At the same time, let's be real—it's been a little rough bc there's so much going on with preparing, all the holiday stuff and parties and people and relationships and all my crazy variety of emotions that happily tag along wherever I go haha—I definitely am trying not to put too much pressure on myself, breathe & trust that God will cover me in the areas I miss. Also, I can't say it enough but I'm SO grateful for friends & fam like you. Forreal. I know I wrote it in the support letter... but you make me bold. ♡ LETSSGGOOOO!! But first. Christmas & New Years. (:

Hot cocoa-ily yours,
♡ T