biking adventures.


Borrowed David's (Bob's son's) bike today... I was legit scared lol. I think the intersection above was the scariest. The light was red for a bit so I kinda had time to figure out where I was going (and take a pano clearly... lol they also have abnormally long cars in thailand.... like the one in the middle of the intersection......haha) Anyway ya, I just kept thinking "left side, left side" Bob mentioned Royal Flora (the Royal family's gardens) being nearby & so decided to put on my big girl pants and adventure it up a little bit. It was a really beautiful place & I'm glad I went! Here are some more panos. I like panos. 


As I was biking, I also noticed a bunch of pictures of the royal family everywhere. Seeing the King all over and living in a Kingdom feels pretty legit. I like it. Kinda helps me to tangibly put images and feelings to when God talks about being a part of the kingdom of light vs. the kingdom of darkness.

On the way home, I stopped to grab some food. Tried some khao soi :P it was delish. Also... that thai tea had ice cream and BREAD in it... whao.


Lastly, the guy to the right cracks me up... he's inviting you to go go-kart racing lol.

I walked through this bonsai-looking tree garden area and was thoroughly impressed... seriously, how do they do that?! Mini trees with mini roots and mini leaves and mini bugs. Jk. Regular bugs. But forreal—my mind was kinda blown.