v-day & english class.


It's been really neat seeing Patrick and Tip's ministry they're involved in. I totally failed because of my jetlag yesterday night though—I was so tired, had a hard time being social. #facepalm. The girls were super cute though and seemed to really enjoy Japanese phrases and origami haha. The theme for the night was valentine's day—it was really sweet (: Sarena and Graeme shared their love story—they are missionaries from Canada! & Patrick's creative mind came up with hotdog hearts haha... & those are the biggest carrots I've ever seen.

The night before was english class—I didn't realize how hard english was, good grief... they were such good sports! The lesson was on "customer service"... some just started working, one guy is starting a business soon & one guy just got a job at a museum (: Emi (girl in the bottom right) is the one teaching them Japanese on tuesdays, I want to go to that one. :P