first day


Started first day @ Cornerstone! Everyone was super warm & welcoming. Since I work from home and am by myself a lot... I was a little nervous how it would be in-office... but it's awesome!! Dang. People here all have a heart for people and seeing them find healing—they are great listeners, gentle spirits, warm hearts + all working toward one goal. Working for myself has its perks, but being in a community of like-minded people is pretty dang sweet. 

Also speaking of community... they have a team running in this "Run for Relief" 5k, to raise funds for Internally Displaced People (IDPs) in Burma who have to flee with only a pair of sandals on their feet. People can run in their sandals for the race and receive a special pair too, I think? They invited me to run and my first thought was 'nahhhh, i'll be your cheerleader!' But as I think about it more... I think it would be kinda cool?! If I don't die from 1. the heat & 2. running. My heart is like what. is. exercise. Seriously. But no bigger picture and not thinking about myself, i think it's really awesome. ♡


Anywho, I went crazy with decorating my desk and brought in the two guys up above in the top pic. Meet Nit Noy (pronounced neat-noi... which means small/tiny in thai... although idno if that is actually the right context... but I just like how it sounds lol) ...& Earl. (:

aaaand meet my lovely office mates (: Yui & Alicia. ♡