some turkeys, some bunnies & a labyrinth.


Grace has every Tues off and so her and Bob make time to rest and recharge together for a part of the day. (#respect!) So today I tagged along and we went to a Jesuit Center of Solitude.. it was really neat. Practicing mindfulness is super hard for me at times, but being there helped ease my spirit. The bunnies also helped ease my spirit lol. Bob brought some carrots to feed them :D There were also turkeys around... they intrigued me but have you ever seen one up close?! Kinda scary and ugly haha... and they make crazy noises... I really pondered for a second if it actually sounds like a "gobble".... did you know that animal noises are different in different languages?! I learned that last time I was here lol. So what does the turkey say? .... Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding... jk lol. That's what the fox says. Aaaaaand I digress. Forreal though, it was really peaceful.


I think my favorite place was the labyrinth... there was a whole written thing about how it was practiced in ancient times with meditation and mindfulness and it helped guide your time spent walking through to get to the center. I spent about an hour there... stilling my spirit and talking and listening to God. In this season, if I am honest, I actually feel pretty broken inside. Sometimes I just wake up with this empty feeling and a heart full of anxiety. Being overseas, I expected that I would be at full capacity, serving away and full of energy... I broke down a couple of times because I felt guilty and also felt the tension of what i "should" be feeling/doing versus how I am actually feeling inside. Grace has been a source of love and light and encouraged me that for them as well... being overseas brought out a lot of brokenness and blindspots, but over time God used those places of hurt as a catalyst of growth and depth... and if we don't run from the pain/anxiety... or numb it or distract ourselves from it... but sit in it long enough to work through it with Him... healing will come. I def want to believe that, as hard as it is to feel at times. Anyway, thanks for reading and for journeying. ♡


I'm thankful they invited me to come here... it's definitely a place of peace. Forreal though, even the ants weren't moving. #meditatingants #meditANTing