weekend fun.


Went training for the 5k yesterday with the Cornerstone runners..... @ 7am. (I think that my jetlag actually helped out in this instance...) But I'm sore today haha. Afterwards, we ate breakfast togeth & then Peang offered to take me to the Maya mall (pic above) on her motorbike since it was on her way home!! 

I know it was super dangerous.... because i didn't have a helmet and i also took this video... but yeah. It happened. & it was awesome.

I stayed around Maya mall for a while, but actually really loved walking around it and exploring by myself.


I really loved the street art, but the actual physical pieces of art were really... interesting?? Haha... and then it was recently V-day so that sign says "happy valentine's day! we have "heart" for sale (and lung + kidney + liver + eye) With corresponding stickers hahahah loved those. I saw an "Anti-Cellulite Coffee Scrub Bar" and also ate some shave ice with strawberries and loads of syrup. #sugaronsugaronsugar

Earlier I found a mom & pop bookstore that I really liked & I spent all my baht there... literally I was short 50baht at the counter and this lady behind me covered me!! I probably looked like a hot mess lol—trying to speak broken-weird-accented-thai and figure out what was going on. She was super sweet. Anywho, I looked down at my phone and realized it was about to die!! Bob and Grace were out of town and I was far away from home—I freaked out for a second because I was like omg... I have no money... I can't speak thai.. if my phone dies then I won't have a way to communicate OR grab an uber back home!!  But my phone made it (whew) and so I had to take a picture of the ride home... because I felt so relieved. First time taking Uber. In Thailand. Haha, never would've thought...