just a few random things...


P.Tui (a sweet, Thai co-worker from Cornerstone) drove me to City Hall to get my work permit today. I really enjoyed our convos—I tried to practice my thai and she tried to practice her english... there was lots of laughing haha. Learning thai has been tough but good... I def don't like branching out and doing things I know I'll be a turtle at, or potentially feel humiliated in haha... butttttt I'm in Thailand... Carpe diem! (......thai translation  coming soon lol) Anyway—I digress. So we get to the government building and walk up all the stairs and walk past a DMV-looking office and finally sit down... P.Tui gives the girl all the paperwork... but she comes back and tells us that it's not ready yet. #facepalm... Thailand work permit, we coming for you next week.

Last night, the Cornerstone staff went to a movie outing & saw Black Panther! I had no idea what it was about but I really liked it! I liked the soundtrack, the costume design, but most of all, I liked the underlying message of branching out to help people, even if it means sacrificing the safety of yourself or your tribe/people. Oh & I got some mentos. :P #amazingtexture


Double lastly, Ronald makes me laugh. #contexualization

Lastly, I have not gotten a haircut in soOo long because it's been so long since I've been in LA (shoutout to Joy! Best haircutter in the world :P ) So Grace invited me to go with her to hers! It was awesome & only 450baht! So like... $15ish? So good, Nick was great (: I wish I took a selfie with Grace after, though... instead I took this awkward photo of myself.