fully supported + fully loved = full heart.


Just wanted to shout out to everyone who has come alongside me thus far ♡ Thank you so much  for all your texts, calls, smiles, hugs, prayers & love. You know who you are & I am so grateful for you. ♡ It's been overwhelmingly abundant in the past few months, weeks, days & hours & I literally feel speechless... not to mention, the amount that came in financially was almost 3x the goal (!) with people still asking if I needed any more. I will def be praying about how to use the extra funds wisely & effectively for sure. Thank you also to Priscilla & Sharon for asking me to partner with them for SBCC's illuminate night, which also helped to fund this trip (: In all honesty, "thank you" just feels so shallow compared to what I truly feel deep inside from all of the love. My heart is full. ♡