goodbye america. hello korea for 1 second. & WHAT'S UP THAILAND!!


I MADE ITTTT. Haha, it was just a tad cray... while sitting on the plane, I realized that I had no way of contacting Bob or Grace when I actually got here... my phone didn't work cause I was getting my SIM card in Thailand and my computer died so I couldn't email out anything. My flight from SFO was 2 hours delayed & so I had to literally book it to make my layover (although for a split second, I thought it would've been okay if I didn't make it so that I could take a nice shower at the sweet Korean airport that I've been hearing about lol) Then I got stuck at immigration for a good minute cause I didn't have Bob & Grace's home address and they wouldn't let me go. Once I figured out that they just needed AN address on that card, I looked up the counseling center and put that one. So finallyyyyyy, I got out to baggage claim. Only to find out that even though I made it to Thailand, my bag did not hahaha. But by this point, I was just happy to be out & they even gave me 1500 baht as compensation to buy "essential" needs.

Seeing Grace outside was like seeing water after wandering in the desert for 10 days!!! Haha jk. Half kidding. I guess I didn't expect the adventures to start so soon lol but I definitely felt my spirit being stretched a bit, in a good way, hearing "you're not alone, I got you, you can trust Me" all throughout today & learning to lean into His voice, even in the midst of some doubt or discomfort along the way.

Do American 7Eleven's have underwear? Cause Thai 7Elevens do! A win for Thailand. & for me. lol. okay I think I need to try to sleep. 

♡ T

PS. I posted that blurry/hazy picture above bc that's exactly what my eyes felt like. I forgot to pack my contact lens solution so for 16+ hours, my eyes were dying. or drying. or both lol. #facepalm