driving, blood work & peeing.


It’s way different coming over here longer-ish vs. short term... for one, you have no time to be jetlagged really, you hit the ground running and go hardcore for two weeks straight. This time, I’ve had time to be still, feel internally confused about the time, and also ponder upon getting a Thai license (yikes). Both Bob & Grace asked me a couple times if I wanted to drive. Internally I freaked out a little when they asked but I’m trying to be open. Bob said it'll be easy since I lived in LA..... lol..... not sure about that?? They both mentioned that it flowed like a river and since we aren’t near downtown, it’s pretty simple.... hmmmm. Left side of the road, right side of the car, flipped turn signals... and all traffic lights and laws are suggestions instead of hard rules.... dude, I already feel dyslexic without all that! Haha. I’ll think about it some more...

Another thing that’s different... I didn’t have to pee in a super-tiny-film-canister-esque cup (literally peed all over my hand lol sorry TMI) nor did I need to get blood drawn last time I was here. Internally freaked out (again) when I heard I needed to do this & Bob offered to hold my hand lol. Thankfully I didn’t cry... it wasn’t bad haha. #thankyouJesus Anywho, I’m currently sitting in the hospital waiting to see a doc so they can give me the certificate for my Thai work permit. 

Oooohhh, in other good (!) news... after two days... my bag arrived!!! Woohooooo. I made peace with it if it never came... but I’m thankful it did (: Also super thankful for Bob driving me around everywhere! Both him and Grace have been so gracious and accommodating. I feel like I’m supposed to be ministering to them but it feels a little flipped?!! Not sure about that. 🤔


Also, here is my room. (: + Mochi. ♡ They have a beautiful home & I feel really honored to be here.

I had lots of other updates to write about but think it’s time to see the doc. I shall be backkk.