patrick & tip. (:


Reunion! Lunch was delish & the company made it even better!! These were some of the translators that were on our 2013 team—it was so good to see their faces (: Their ministry is with local young adult/collegiate in the community—I'm gunna head out with them later. I think tonight they have a Japanese class LOL. (wha?) actually that might be on tuesdays... tonight might be english. Anywayyy, hopefully I won't be too loopy—def tryina fight my jetlag... the past few days were a tad blurry haha. B&G mentioned it would take about a week to adjust... so I'm gunna start work at Cornerstone on Mon. Prob be there 3-4x a week? The staff are all really sweet. Alsooooo gunna take some thai classes a couple hours a week (: !



On our way home earlier, we stopped at a coffee shop... i liked that dude's shirt... haha. #meow. 1. Bob said that yellow coffee maker is like a $10,000 coffee maker whaaA 2. first thai tea since being here yeeEee! 3. that is the craziest looking alexa/echo/siri-in-physical-form ever.... whoa....