chai lai. <3

Went to an elephant sanctuary today... wanted to go to a more ethical place cause it's known that this industry can be brutal :/ Hopefully this is one. Still felt like I was a little in my head about everything at times. One neat thing, though—Chai Lai Orchid partners with “Daughters Rising,” an org founded in 2013 to prevent the sex trafficking of girls from Myanmar and Thailand. They hire them here and focus on empowering them through education and experience, hospitality and economic independence, hoping to help break the cycle.

Anyway, first time meeting Chai Lai. (: This is my nervous-but-actually-in-awe-face lol.


We got to bathe her & play with her. she is a baby—5 years old! Elephants are pretty dang cool. God is creative. (:

After that, we cruised along down a river on a bamboo raft. It was tied together by tires—so much creativity over here with simple things... I love.