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The focus of ALC has been on the internally migrant poor who have come to the capital city of Bangkok from the rural, agrarian, northeast of Thailand (Issaan) to find work.  ALC has been a place of refuge for these people because typically they're exchanging the security of family and community for the unknown, often harsher life of the inner city of Bangkok. ALC Crafts began with the intention of keeping families intact, as children are often sent back to the care of grandparents in the village, while parents and young people of working age (15+) are down in Bangkok. ALC Crafts develops sewing skills for women giving them regular income, as well as supporting the larger work of ALC.

Traveled through clouds last week and went to Bangkok! An org (Abundant Life Center) flew me over to work on a website for them. (: I'm almost done with it—will post it up when finished. It was an awesome time with Karen & Carl Groot, I wish I took a picture with them! They let me stay at their house and I felt right at home. Here are a couple of action shots of them at ALC (:


They're doing an amazing job & it felt really special to witness it first-hand. Also got to go fabric shopping with them and Karen wanted me to choose them for the next line. (yikes!) Felt like pressure but pressure with honor.. honored pressure lol.