the hearts behind the newsletters.

Just finished doing some newsletters for the Daos, Boonrangs and Cornerstone. I am encouraged by each person <3 Can you take a moment to just pray for them? For them to be filled with the Spirit and for God to continue to give them energy and to feel loved—so they will be an outpouring of His love on others. (: thanks!


Zera Ministry
(Patrick & Tip Boonrang)

These guys are Thai missionaries who have a heart for their own people. They are a part of many different ministries, including: a handicap ministry, church ministry, medical missions and neighborhub, a place where teenagers can safely come, be themselves and feel God's love.


Minh & Jen Dao

Jen works and loves women well at Home of the Swallow & Minh helps people with their business, by offering consultations for the sustainability and future success of their companies. & they have 5 kids! Wow. #somuchrespect


Cornerstone Counseling Foundation

Each counselor has a heart for serving missionaries, who come from all around the world. Their love and warmth are inspirational and their work feels so purposeful and rich. Really really grateful for this current community.