goodbyes are hard...

I think I have been avoiding writing the last few posts because avoiding pain is easier. Haha. I left for a mission trip with Bob and so had to say goodbye to Grace & Mochi. It was filled with tears and sad moments, gratefulness and a hoping that this will not be the last time I see them... I can definitely see how being on the mission field has many heartbreaking moments... the hellos and goodbyes falling under this category. Where there is openness and vulnerability, there is risk and trust, hardship and triumph... and in the end, depth in love. To say hello to this love and then goodbye to it, is always challenging. A healthy thing probably—but challenging. I am so grateful that God brought us together in this season and for the time we had together. 

They gave me the hand-made pottery on the right as a reminder of how I came and poured into their family and filled them. I felt very humbled by that... cause really, I felt that from them 1000% more.


On the last night, Mochi was hanging out with me and really wanted me to give her some popcorn... so she tried to put herself in my line of sight... lol. Man, i miss her.