LA > Thailand > SF

Whew. It feels really strange being back in America. I got to process the trip with some people, but honestly at times, I’ve just wanted to hermit under a rock. Maybe having some reverse culture shock… haha. It really helped that I’m going to be living in SF for a bit, while my cousin travels. He has a 2bed flat & it worked out for me to sublet it for a few months! It’s a pretty big space & feels just right (:


I’m really grateful that God orchestrated all of this for this season. I think after coming back from Thailand… a couple of things stand out in my mind and heart:
• I def love kids <3 like every time we went to a children’s home in Thailand, I just felt like “aw man… these kids just need someone to look out for them and love them…” I would be very okay if I couldn’t have kids of my own because I feel like there are so many unwanted and unloved in the world :(
• I still love counseling and I’m thinking if I combine it with art… maybe art therapy… for kids?! Ideal world = my full heart <3 so in the meantime, while I’m in the City, I’m going to try and volunteer at a hospital or some place to interact with kiddos. :D
• As much as i loved Umphang, I think I loved working with the team and investing in the younger women on the trip. it was awesome getting to know them more and pouring into them <3

Hm… I think those are all my swirlies for now. (: I might try and keep up with this blog if I can… just to document the adventure… but I very well might not. I realized I am bad at staying on top of it, haha.

PS. Here are the people who helped move me from LA to SF. Grateful.