have a hug. & some clay.

Yummie took us to 'Have a Hug Cafe' & we got to get clay-creative & make whatever we wanted. So relaxing :p  

building houses & friendships.

We visited Paeng, Plewfie & Grace to help them build their house! They are a Thai (Karen) family who decided to go on mission in the Phrao District and work with children under FCF (Family Connection Foundation). I met Paeng when she was the receptionist at Cornerstone (: We put down concrete, made brick walls & enjoyed good company. ♡

sahm seep et.

That is 31 in Thai. (:

Turned 31 on the 7th & it was def memorable (: The day before, Cornerstone sang me happy birthday and we all got to eat yummy homemade Thai food & cake together (: Here I am looking awkward:

Then the Cornerstone Thai staff & I went to go grab some Moogata! (Thai-style BBQ)  


On my actual birthday, Yummie (a long-time close Thai friend) surprised me at work with a beautiful cake & flowers. #THEBEST! ♡


& then at night, Bob & Grace took me to a restaurant that had an acapella concert for dinner. I had no idea... but after intermission, they surprised me with a birthday song ♡ A little embarrassing haha but felt super super special & loved.. I am so grateful for them. ♡


Back at home.... Rick was cooking up something special as well. He (with the help of P) gathered friends to write to me while I was in Thailand. Thank you so much to everyone who wrote in it.... touched my heart & I cried reading it. Thank you also to friends & fam who gave me birthday gifts & cards... you make my heart full!!! I miss you all so much. Definitely one of the most memorable birthdays. ♡


sun, water & some durian.

I didn't mind the durian smell, but not sure about that texture... kinda creamy for a fruit??
Stayed over night on some house boats for the wknd.Fun girls trip <3

it's official.

@ Doi Inthanon... the highest spot in thailand. this might also be representative of my heart in this season as well (:

@ Doi Inthanon... the highest spot in thailand. this might also be representative of my heart in this season as well (:

I'm extending my time out here — AHHHH!!!!

After thinking & sensing & talking with people & hearing God in different ways.. feel like this is the way for now. (: I am extending my time until August 11. Rick is coming to serve here June & July, so we will be serving in the same city! Doing different things, but serving together—I'm excited for that (: From July 30-Aug 6, we will be going on a medical mission trip to Umphang (the border of Thailand and Burma) under Bob! We will be putting on health fairs for the villagers and teaching them about different self-care and health-related issues for their overall well-being. ♡ After that, Rick & I will head to Japan to visit some missionaries and check out what they're doing and then come back to the states on the 11th.  

... CRAY huh?! ...forreal. But God has been really faithful to provide peace in which direction to walk next. I realize that until I walk through the first door, and only until then, He then opens the next one, and so forth. He doesn't open the last door without me first walking through the one he has right now. Not sure if this makes sense, but it's definitely something I'm learning. With each step, it requires a little more faith—thus equipping me for the next season. Kinda like a video game! Lol. It doesn't necessarily get easier as you progress forward (in actuality, the bosses get harder), but through each stage, you level up to have the necessary tools and skills and perseverance to prepare you for what's ahead. Alright, that was probably really nerdy.... but yes. (: 

I think financially I will be okay because of the funds that came in earlier, and I am trusting God with it, but if you feel Him leading you, I would totally be appreciative. (button is at the bottom, right-hand side) As always though, prayers are much more needed and appreciated in the spiritual realm. Thank you for always reaching out and asking for specific requests and for being on the home front cheering (: I can definitely feel your thoughts, prayers and spirit of love—I would not be here, at this stage, without you. ♡